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Jennifer Joy Johnson is an accredited integrative life coach.  Specializing in learning to love your independence, be brave, overcome social fears, and enjoy your own damn company!


As much success as Jennifer experienced in her life and career, she found herself always feeling like there was something missing and something flawed within her. She really, never believed that she was lovable and often felt empty. She felt she was living life with a veneer on the surface and people couldn’t “see” her for who she really was.


As many people experience--what really changed for Jennifer was a terrible relationship! Now that sounds awful, but it was the experience that would lead Jennifer to her own personal peace. She even learned to love a highly unlovable situation. And she finally found her safety within herself!


Because of Jennifer’s personal and career experience she has been able to develop a six-step method that provides insights and experiences that help people find practical tools to uncover breakthroughs. 


There is no single road to finding how to love yourself, how to be brave and to not fear loneliness and abandonment.  It is through trial and error, humor, imperfection, humility, authenticity, and forgiveness that you find peace.  


Once Jennifer really believed that it was truly, and purely an internal fix is when she realized she could start to meet people where they are to help them along the path to finding their peace.  Jennifer helps people who want to feel safe and happy with themselves.  Whether they are in a relationship, have families, or are completely on their own!


Jennifer has spent 25 years working successfully with individuals in the workplace with a mission to help people change behavior to improve their work and home life.  She is also a certified corporate consultant who works with Corporations to embrace cultural change and build better leaders! 

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